“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

-Paul Ran


STUART PLINER DESIGN is an award-winning design firm specializing in high-end residential & commercial projects. Dedicated to always starting with a fresh perspective, individualized and designed around the objectives of their clients to create beautiful, useable, comfortable spaces.

From HighriseTo Farmhouse

City View

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design”

-Charles Eames

Before & After


Randall Mill Bedroom Bed view
Randall Mill Bedroom Bed Only
Randall Mill Bedroom front
Randall Mill Bedroom Chair and Bed


Randall Mill Living Room Before
Randall Mill Living Room After


Randall Dining Room Before
Randall Dining Room After


Peachtree Dining Room Before
Peachtree Dining Room After


Peachtree Living Room Before
Peachtree Living Room After


Muscogee Living Room Before
Muscogee Living Room After


Living Room Before
Plaza Tower Living room after


Plaza Master before
Plaza Master after
Master Closet Before
Master Closet After


Powder Room Before
Powder Room After


Kitchen Before
Kitchen After



"We loved our home; however, after Stuart entered the picture with his inspired vision and impeccable taste, the transformation was nothing short of spectacular. We love our home now even more.”